Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Day at School

It was last Thursday Sasha's school celebrated its foundation day. We went to church for thanksgiving then also celebrated family day in the afternoon. The school did not have a big celebration this year due to the previous expenses spent by us especially last Christmas when we went to Manila for the kid's field trip. It was a relief, we're thankful somehow that the school head did not push us again this time to spend money. lol

Anyhoo, kids performed a dance number. 

Then played several games too. Like this one, a game called pass the ball. My kiddo did not win, but she enjoyed the game.

And because its family day, just look at us! :)

How we wished hubby's there too with us....

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I want to crochet too aside cross stitching. Love the color of this one.

This made me smile :)

Isn't it sweet?

Now I'm drooling!

I want to learn how to do this!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Milkfish with Salted Black Beans

Ohh, how I love Mom's recipes this week. We ate this just yesterday. It has been a long time she cooked bangus with tausi. But I love it more if mom cooked tilapia instead of bangus.


Shadow Shot Sunday

Seen this in the botanical garden the last time I went there to take photos. There are about several pieces standing along the pathway.

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Nike's Spring 2012 Collection

Valentines is near, do you have any idea what to give as a present for your husband/boyfriend? I suggest you consider Nike's newest spring collection this year.

Well, I am considering this as one of my options. I recall I have not given yet hubby a present ever since. haha! And yes, I must save for this. :)

Nike Shoe Game Crew, P1, 395

Nike Canarinho, P1,395

Nike Street Court Crew, P1,395

And I want this for myself too :)

Women's AS Nike You Wish Crew, P995

Women's  Nike AS  Live Fast BF, P1,395
Aren't they all cute?

The Body Shop's Body Butter Collection

Honestly, never tried any product from The Body Shop. But I've heard a lot of positive feedback from the people I know who are using it.

Last Christmas though, my MIL directly told me that she wants The Body Shop's White Musk Perfume as a birthday present. So I went to the nearest store and bought her that. I bought it with discount which I forgot already how much I paid for it. haha! I bought her a set actually, it comes with the perfume, body wash and lotion. It smells good and just right.

Anyhoo, while in the store I took the chance to see their other products too. And I want to try their Body Butter sometime. And just awhile ago, I have read their newest Body Butter Collection at Spot.ph.

And here they are:
Shea Body Butter, P695

Strawberry Body Butter, P695

Satsuma Body Butter, P695

Olive Body Butter, P695

Moringa Body Butter, P695

Mango Body Butter, P695

Floral Acai Duo Body Butter, P995

Macadamia Duo Body Butter, P995

Sweet Pea Duo Body Butter, P995

Vanilla Duo Body Butter, P995

Wild Rose Nail and Hand Butter, P750

Almond Nail and Hand Butter, P650

Lots of variety to choose from eh? I want to have the Mango Body Butter. :)

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