Saturday, January 21, 2012

At the River

I have plenty of photos that I haven't shared before. As you can see the date stamp, taken last year when hubby came home for a month long vacation. We visited their relatives in the province and we stayed there for few days. So we got the chance to go swimming in the river. It was fun, a quiet place. The only noise you can hear is the chirping of the birds and the sound coming from the water.

I definitely want to revisit the place again.

Saturday Sareenity


  1. Very quiet and peaceful the scenery is...I bet it was a super glorious day.

    If I Could Talk to the Animals

  2. Must have been wonderful to stay in a place so beautiful and quiet.

  3. How lovely! Thanks so much for sharing at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!

  4. Such wonderful captures you've got, thanks for sharing these beauties! What place is this sis?

    Here's my first Saturday Sareenity entry, hope you can visit.

    PS. following this blog now.

  5. that is indeed a calm and serene shot! i feel i need to get to such places often to get away from the fast city life!

    and thank you for dropping by and contributing to Saturday Sareenity.


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