Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here I am Again

I said to myself not to overly whine at certain things as it will only lead to stress and bad vibes. However, I could not resist nor shake off the thoughts that's  in my head. It becomes worse even more as time goes by especially when triggered by annoying actions from someone I expect to change.

I will not mention names.

Here I am again *expecting* when I said again that I should not expect anymore or I should expect less. How could I not expect when I know change is a must! When I know I'm doing my part to change too?

I just feel its unfair in my part.No, that's not being too selfish when I said my "part". Because I know that it should be reciprocated. 

Well, I guess... I guess its time to really not expect anymore. And I hope there's an easy way to do that too...


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