Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teaching Kids to Read

My kindergarten daughter is learning how to read already. One time when we arrived home from school, she surprised me by showing her paper with three letter words written on it. Then she read the words one by one. It is always a joy seeing our kids progress from whatever they do.

There are skills that help our kid's ability to read. And teaching them these skills are necessary to improve their reading. Parents play a vital role in developing these skills. Apart from acquiring these skills at school, learning should always takes place at home too. Our kids spend the longest hour at home than school. They should make the best out of those times by studying with us parents at their side.

One of the skills needed to improve reading is the auditory skill. Kids should learn to distinguish sounds, hear rhyming words and recall association of the letter and the sound it makes. Use flash cards to keep your kids more interested and they will learn the best through visual aids aside from just hearing them.

Rhyming words also help develop kid's ability to read. Choose a simple word like fan then encourage them to think of words which has the same sound. That way, it also stimulate their memory.

According to Edward Fry Ph.D. in his book "How to Teaching Reading: For Teachers, Parents, Tutors" discusses a reading technique which helps beginning readers improve their skills. To use his technique, select a short passage in an easy book. Read the section to your child twice, then read the section together two times and finally sit by your child as they read the section back to you. This method gives your child confidence and the opportunity to see the words, hear the words and then read the words.

Also help your kids improve their comprehension skills. Read  with them then ask questions after. 

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