Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Need a Replacement

One thing I learned from motherhood is that high heels and babies don't go together. I don't know if all Moms would agree to that.

I could not remember the last time I wore sexy shoes like that, but I did when I really need to. Wearing high heeled shoes is something I could not bring myself to do. Its because I'm not comfortable. End of explanation.

I'm more on flats and flip flops. 

The main point here is my ever favorite sandals (Sanuk ) is going to retire soon. The most comfortable pair of sandals that I have (the only one).


Yes, I need to replace it hopefully soon... 


  1. yup, motherhood is all about the comfort!

  2. I know about that perfect item thing too...the stores go and make 'new and improved' which never seems as good! Good luck with the search!

  3. Same here! All my shoes are flats. Never liked heels at all. Haven't tried Sanuk though cos it's kinda expensive.

    The Twerp and I


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